[ MPX214334 ] Multiplex FUNRAY KIT

[ MPX214334 ] Multiplex FUNRAY KIT

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175,50 €

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With the MULTIPLEX FUNRAY a new era of ELAPOR® models begins
The kit model of this elegant four-door electric glider excited during dynamic glider aerobatics. The FUNRAY has excellent all-round properties, proven on a slope and in the thermal alike. After a steep descent with butterfly pinpoint landing is a breeze. The FUNRAY convinced with incredible speed and precision in the aerobatic maneuvers. Such a thing did not exist in the ELAPOR® gliders up to now! This performance is made possible by its modern hybrid construction in composite carbon fiber, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic and the special ELAPOR® construction foam. We recommend to this FUNRAY KIT the perfectly matched power set FunRay (# 1-00103)

Designed and Made in Germany! 

The list of innovative new features is long:
• Exceptional performance of a foam model 
• Extremely sturdy wings and robust horizontal stabilizer by plastic nose strips and aluminum-carbon fiber composite spars 
• Zwangssteckung the servo contacts with M6 high-current connectors in the wings (# 1-00112) 
• Removable wings and tailplane 
• Detachable rudder with fillet hinges 
• Extremely rigid hull in M-Space technology and continuous carbon fiber reinforcement with 4-square profile pipe, fiberglass straps and positive connections from the firewall to the tail boom 
• Very defined benefit brushless drive set (# 1-00103) 500 watts optionally available
• Carbon fiber reinforced folding propeller (# 1-00091) optionally available 
• Very high-quality UV-resistant decor, designed by Mirco Pecorari 
• Landeschutzkufe from stable rockfall protection kit included 
• Trim chamber in the rear 
• Very large range, very precise flying through 6x Hitec premium servos HS-65HB with Karbonite gearbox (# 1-00113) optionally available 
• Unbreakable canopy of colored EPP material 
• Transparent canopy with cockpit (# 1-00138) optionally available 
• All control surfaces with stainless steel tubes reinforced 
• Generous and tidy interior for battery and RC components


ELAPOR®- molded parts for fuselage, wing, tail and EPP Canopy CFRP aluminum spar,
all parts required to assemble plastic, small items, linkage, spinner cones,
collet, punched decals and comprehensive instructions.