[ MPX214332 ] Multiplex KIT EASY GLIDER 4

[ MPX214332 ] Multiplex KIT EASY GLIDER 4

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99,95 €

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Good-natured and robust electric glider EasyGlider 4 with ailerons in the 4th generation. His particular strength is easy to take advantage of playing thermals and updrafts with a low ground speed in gliding. 
According to the motto: "Evolution not revolution" this ELAPOR® classic has been redesigned and comes as 100% "Made in Germany" on the market. The MULTIPLEX Easy Glider is a cult and unmatched in its field. That is why the EasyGlider 4 had to remain a genuine MULTIPLEX EasyGlider. 

What's new: 
• wing with ultra-light and high-strength fiberglass-square-Holm 
• Rigid hull by M-Space technology 
• fin and tailplane removable - easy transport
• Modern designed decal sheet with landing skid 
• Efficient and lighter ROXXY drive 

The kit we recommend the appropriate ROXXY power set # 33 2672; voted the MULTIPLEX perfectly on the EasyGlider fourth The ELAPOR® model can be built together and playing easy and faster than its predecessor. 

The Easy Glider 4 is a fun model even in aerobatics (loops, rolls, inverted flight, turn, ...) looks good. 

• Optimized gliding properties 
• thermal Crank out made easy by very low ground speed 
• Powerful, efficient brushless motor with S-BEC regulators for rapid climbs and long flight times 
• Super sturdy thanks ELAPOR® construction
• Klappluftschraube with elegant plastic spinner 
• landing aid by ailerons 
• transport due to detachable wings, fin and tailplane 
• Plenty of space in the trunk allows the use of different battery sizes 
• Convenient battery swap the colored canopy

ELAPOR®- molded parts for fuselage, wing, tail panels and canopy, GRP spar,
folding propeller 9x6 ", all parts required to assemble plastic, small and
linkage components, stamped decals and comprehensive instructions.