[ MPX214264 ] Multiplex SOLIUS

[ MPX214264 ] Multiplex SOLIUS

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119,90 €

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The high-performance electric glider with T-tail, cockpit and transparent hood. Through its docile handling and excellent flight performance of SOLIUS from amateur pilot offers maximum flying pleasure to professional. Whether long glider flights or sports aerobatics - the SOLIUS makes always a good figure. The ELAPOR® model is characterized by a variety of new, innovative and extravagant detail solutions and sets new standards in its class. 


• Transparent canopy with detailed cockpit 
• Easy to transport due to removable horizontal stabilizer 
• Innovative tubular spar technology for heavy-duty wings 
• High-strength hull by "M-SPACE technology"
• folding propeller

Additionally are needed
Brushless motor PERMAX BL-O 3516-0850 # 33 3231, controller MULTIcont BL-40 S-BEC # 7 2285, Li-battery BATT FX 3 / 1-2200 (M6) # 15 7351, 2x servo Nano Pro MG # 6 5119, 2x servo Tiny-MG # 6 5122, RX-5 M-LINK # 5 5817 / RX-5 M-LINK ID # 4 55825


ELAPOR®- molded parts for fuselage, wings with foamed and fiberglass reinforced 
aluminum spar tubes, empennage, canopy frame and sailors nose, and transparent canopy
and GRP belts. All plastic parts required to assemble small items, linkage, 
punched decals and comprehensive instructions.