[ MPX1-01030 ] Multiplex Kit+ FUNJET ULTRA 2

[ MPX1-01030 ] Multiplex Kit+ FUNJET ULTRA 2

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199,95 €

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The FunJet ULTRA in his time was already the fastest ELAPOR model on the market. The speed of the new FUNJET ULTRA 2, with our recommended components (ROXXY 4S drive) is about 220 Km / h.

The "ULTRA-variant" is designed for extreme speed. He is an integral foamed than the "normal" version, resulting in even greater stability of the entire model, with a slightly increased weight. At speeds above 200 km / h mark requirements for pilot and materials are enormous. The "ULTRA" is therefore the right choice for "Speed fans" - the ultimate Geschindigkeits kick is guaranteed.

Despite design for maximum speed, Funjet ULTRA2 has excellent Langsamflug- and landing characteristics, as it always
leaves critical and precise control.

In the BK + version perfectly on the model matched drive components are included as: Motor multiplex ROXXY BL Outrunner C35-36-1960kv, regulators multiplex ROXXY BL-Control 755 S-BEC, propeller 6x5,5 "with driver and two servos Hitec HS-65HB ,


ELAPOR®- molded parts for fuselage, wing, tail, canopy.
Fuselage, wings, deep-drawn and painted canopy glass, anodized aluminum motor mount,
all parts required to assemble plastic, small items, linkage,
high-quality, multi-colored and stamped decal sheet, comprehensive instructions.
2 servos HS-65HB, 2 extension cable 15cm, plug fuses, power set FunJet ULTRA 2