[ MPX1-00888 ] Multiplex  KIT FUNNYCUB INDOOR

[ MPX1-00888 ] Multiplex KIT FUNNYCUB INDOOR

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61,95 €

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The MULTIPLEX FunnyCub brings bush flyer mood in the sports halls and gardens of the model airplane enthusiasts. Through its large wheels and slightly springy suspension can, as it did her idol the FunCub start almost anywhere and land. Optionally, the two ailerons can be run as flaps down yet what the airspeed and the take-off distance reduced even further. The FunnyCub is therefore a "must have" for all bush pilots and indoor fans, as well as those who simply want to turn a relaxing round behind the house.
The EPP model is built very robust and forgiving one almost every mistake. Almost every conceivable aerobatic maneuvers are possible with the model.