[ KR44126 ] Deluxe Canopy Glue

[ KR44126 ] Deluxe Canopy Glue

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9,95 €

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R/C Modellers Canopy Glue 80ml

Now in the still easier to handle booth tube.

Multi-purpose gap-filling canopy glue. Thick & tacky, dries clear, remains flexible. Bonds combinations of wood, plastic, fabric, foil, painted surfaces. Ideal for:

  • Aeroplane canopies  

  • Model boat plastic windows

  • Sealing gaps & small holes  

  • Repairing tears in covering film  

  • Application of rivets on scale models.

Ideal for permanent, flexible connections. Now in the still easier to handle stand tube.

A universal and gap filling adhesive. It is viscous, transparent or colorless drying and still remains flexible. It glues combinations of wood, ABS, PCV, rubber, polystyrene, plastic, fabric, foil and painted surfaces. It is ideal for bonding canopies, closing small cracks and holes in plastic parts and covering foils, displaying rivets and panel joints on scale models, gluing plastic panes in model boats and glazing small plastic scale models.

Water resistant

The surfaces to be bonded should be dry and clean. Do not store below 0 ° C.

Container:   80ml stand tube